2014 Spring Production

Alice In Wonderland
Spring Production March 20 & 21 @ 7:00 PM. March 22 @ 4:00 PM
The New Life Drama Club asks you to join us for our spring production of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Our cast and crew work hard to practice and perfect this play for your enjoyment.

Cast & Crew

Actor Character Description
Julia & Hailey Alice A young girl
Jacob White Rabbit Never on time
Raquel Mouse a long tale to tell
Mallory Mock Turtle not a real turtle, but close enough
Haloye Lory a kind of parrot
Steph Dodo a strange-looking bird
Caroline Red Queen a chess figure
Greg Soldier One a playing card
Leo Knave of Hearts another card
Davey Soldier Two another
Kiersten Queen of Hearts a tyrant
Leo Caterpillar a sleepy sort
Morgan Fish Footman a servant
Davey Frog Footman another
Rachel Duchess a domineering type
Gen Cook loves pepper
Shanon Cheshire Cat walks about without its grin
Mallory Tweedledee a silly little schoolboy
Emily Tweedledum his twin
Matt Mad Hatter mad as a March Hare
Juan March Hare mad as a Hatter
Kayla Dormouse a sleepy-type rodent
Kaitlyn Rose a talking flower
Steph Lily another
Bethany Daisy another
Jessica White Queen another chess figure
Andrew Knight an aged horseman
John Humpty Dumpty a conceited egg
Keenan King of Hearts monarch of Wonderland
Julia Sister Alice's elder sister