Discovery Program

New Life Christian School is privileged to be a member of the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). NILD gives NLCS the ability to meet the needs of students who struggle with learning through our Discovery Program. Educational therapists generally work with students who have an average or higher intelligence quotient, but have difficulty maintaining average grades within the normal classroom setting. See Discovery Program Brochure for more information.


Responding directly to this challenge, the therapists at New Life are licensed and professionally certified educational therapists. This level of certification is not common to most Discovery Programs, and New Life recognizes the value this achievement brings to its Discovery students.

Discovery Picture

Students who struggle with learning are usually identified by their classroom teachers or referred by their parents for further analysis through testing to find out why the student is struggling in their learning process. Several steps are followed within the guidelines of our referral program. These steps are:

  1. Teachers fill out observation sheets about the student.
  2. Teachers contact parents to let them know about their child's struggles.
  3. Teachers fill out a referral form about the student and give it to the Principal.
  4. The Principal contacts the parents and discusses the referral.
  5. The Principal then gives the referral to the Discovery Program Coordinator, who then contacts the parents about their options for further analysis of their child's learning difficulties.
  6. A testing session can then be set up with the Program Coordinator and a qualified psychologist to identify areas of cognitive strengths and patterns of weaknesses.
  7. The Program Coordinator will then meet with the parents to review the results of testing to determine whether or not the student has a learning disability and could benefit from educational therapy.
  8. Parents can then decide whether or not to put their child in the Discovery Program.

The costs for this program are in addition to the normal tuition of NLCS.

Program Coordinator, Mrs. Lorraine Kemp