Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we apply?

A: To apply, visit the Enrollment Process page under the Admissions tab. Complete the student application and submit it online. The non-refundable $100 application fee is payable by check to New Life Christian School. We will need copies of student transcripts and standardized testing, as described in the packet.

Q: How long does the admissions process take?

A: Once the application has been submitted, and all necessary documents are in, an admissions interview is held with the admissions committee. The admissions director will then make a decision, usually within one week.

Q: What time does school start and end each day?

A: The day begins at 8:20am (students may be dropped off as early as 8:00am) and ends at 3:20pm

Q: Does New Life have before and after school care?

A: Yes, New Life offers a Before & After School Care Program.

Q: How is lunch handled at New Life Christian School?

A: Students bring their lunches from home. There are two commercial grade microwave ovens available for students to heat their food. Drinks may be purchased at the school. Twice a week the students have the option to purchase their lunch from two outside restaurant chains, namely Chick-fil-A and Toppings Pizza.

Q: What are the advantages to wearing uniforms?

A: Wearing uniforms eliminates the drive for competition in clothing, thus reducing parent costs for the school year. It also makes invisible the distinction between the affluent and less affluent. It also makes for a more orderly and business-like school environment. Uniforms are available from LAND'S END.

Q: Is New Life an accredited school?

A: New Life holds dual accreditation from the Association of Christian School International and from Middle States Association.

Q: Are New Life teachers qualified?

A: All New Life teachers are certified by ACSI, and may also hold state certification. Teachers are carefully chosen, not only for their formal credentials, but also for their proven ability to work with children.

Q: How is Annual Scholarship Fund money used?

A: All money raised for the Annual Fund goes into the operating budget; this means that it pays for the books in the classrooms, the soccer balls and basketballs, the salary of your favorite teacher, the paint brushes and the clay in the art room, the equipment in the science lab, and much, much more. You may designate that your gift be used for a particular area of the school's operations. See Family of Funds listing.

Q: Why should I contribute to the Annual Scholarship Fund?

A: Contributing to the Annual Scholarship Fund is one of the simplest and most important acts of support to help the school. Your gift, whether it is $25 or $25,000, will be important as we seek to maintain high standards of excellence in the programs we make available to our families. Your support demonstrates your commitment to Christ-centered education for current students and future generations.

Q: What instructional materials does NLCS use?

A: NLCS prefers materials from Christian publishers like; Bob Jones University Press, A Beka Book, Christian Schools International, and ACSI. Carefully screened publications from many other publishers round out the instructional materials

Q: What are New Life's requirements for graduation from high school?

A: Requirements for a New Life diploma exceed those from the Maryland State Department of Education. Students need 25 units of credit distributed across the major subject areas. There is also a Service Learning requirement for graduation.

Q: Does New Life offer extracurricular activities and interschool sports?

A: As a full-service school, New Life offers sports programs at the middle school and high school varsity levels. Field trips, clubs, drama productions round out our extracurricular activities.

Q: How is discipline handled at New Life?

A: At NLCS we believe in a relational mode of discipline. We do not use a rigid demerit system. Teachers are empowered to interact with parents in addressing disciplinary matters. Serious infractions are handled by the Headmaster when referred by teachers.

Q: Is there bus transportation to New Life?

A: There is no bus service. Parents are responsible for delivering and picking up their children. Parents organize car pools when possible to assist in this.

Q: Does New Life offer financial aid?

A: New Life offers financial aid to families after being enrolled one year.

Q: Do you have any special programs for students?

A: With the help of educational therapists, New Life has a Discovery Program for students that learn differently in the classroom. The program is specifically outlined to assist the children with special learning needs. Contact the school for more information about this special program.

Q: What is the difference between annual giving and capital campaign giving?

A: Money from the Annual Fund is used for annual operating expenses. Gifts to a Capital Campaign are used for bricks and mortar. We currently have not undertaken a Capital Campaign but as our school continues to grow this may be needed. The Annual Fund helps us live. Capital funds provide a place for us to live.

Q: How much should we give?

A: It is hoped that parents and alumni will give as generously as possible to NLCS. Every single gift, regardless of the amount, is valued. Even if families receive financial aid, it is hoped that they will make a gift in order to join in the common mission of demonstrating community support for the school.