Graduation Requirements


Graduation Requirements

(Classes 2015-beyond)

Students must earn a minimum of twenty-five (25). Students may earn 1 credit in Algebra I at the Middle School level. 26 or more credits must be earned during the High School years.


1. English - 4 credits
2. History - 3 credits
(US History or AP US History, Government or AP Government and World History)
3. Bible - 4 credits (transfer students must have 1 credit each - year at NLCS)
4. Science - 3 credits
5. Mathematics - 4 credits: (1Algebra, 1 Geometry, 2 other courses)
6. OPTION 1:
a. Foreign Language – 2 credits in the same language (NOT English)
b. Electives – 4 credits
c. Technology Education – 1 credit
7. OPTION 2:
a. Advanced Technology – 2 credits
b. Electives – 4 credits
c. Technology Education – 1 credit
8. Physical Education 1 credit
9. Fine Arts (Art, Music, Drama) – 1 credit
10. Service Learning – 100 hours (prorated for time at NLCS)
Participate in school sponsored Mission Trip (Junior/Senior year)


NLCS grants and recognizes credit towards graduation in full units only. We offer no part-year courses and accept transfer credits in less than full units only for application to the 25-credit total requirement but not towards fulfillment of any specific course or distribution requirement.


The Administration will evaluate a transfer student's academic record and determine how to apply previous course work to NLCS' graduation requirements. The decision of the Administration in these matters is final.