Homeschoolers Program

Course Supplementation Program

New Life Christian School opens its doors for home schooling families to take advantage of course offerings at the middle and high school levels. Home school families can supplement their educational programs at home with up to three (3) classes per year, per child through New Life. The program also welcomes home school families and students to participate in course-related field trips, school programs, activities and athletics (must take 3 courses to participate).

New Life does not offer full covering or issue diplomas to homeschool students.

Home school students enrolled in one or more courses at New Life are considered part of the family. They are also expected to support and uphold the core values and beliefs New Life holds, including rules and policies specified in the school's handbook.

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Home school Program Application & Course Enrollment Process

Home school families must complete a application similar to families enrolling in New Life's full-day program. Though home school students are not interviewed by New Life's Admissions Committee, it is expected that a Pastor's Recommendation Form be completed and submitted by the student's/family's pastor. This form ensures that each family and student affiliated with New Life is regularly attending and actively serving a local, Christ-centered church body, which is the single most important common denominator among New Life families.

Families wishing to supplement their homeschool programs through course offerings at New Life Christian School should work to complete, and then submit to the school's main office, each of the following forms/requirements:

* view the Middle School and High School Course Catalogues to make your selections.

Once all application work is in and course enrollment is offered, the Admissions Department processes the family's course request(s) and replies with a contract agreement of terms and financial obligations thereof. At any time families are encouraged to contact the school with questions.