Service Learning

Each year, all students in grades 9-12 must complete 25 hours of service by the end of the school year. All service activities must be pre-approved as detailed in the brochure. Click the following link to print a copy of the Service Learning Proposal Form, complete it and submit for pre-approval.


The requirement for graduation is a total of 100 hours.

Options include:

  • Credit for missionary trips and other ministry projects
  • Credit for service in the local church (teaching, leading worship, outreach ministries)
  • Credit for service in community programs (hospital, charity, rescue mission, etc.)




Information on this requirement is provided in greater detail in the brochure called New Life Christian School Service Learning Program, available from the school office. Students who fail to fulfill the service learning requirement will be permitted to re-enroll for the next school year, but will not be permitted to attend classes when that year begins until the deficit from the previous year is made up. Any absences from class that result will be considered unexcused for statistical and academic purposes.