Spiritual Emphasis

Spiritual Vitality:

At New Life Christian School, students are challenged in their spiritual walk. Bible classes offer opportunities for discussions of situations and life's twists and turns to help teach and nurture the ways of the Lord. Whether it is in the elementary school or our graduating seniors, students are challenged in their thinking and their behaviors that would align with the Lord's blessing.

Spiritual growth in each student is an important issue, but not to be so out of balance that other aspects are ignored or overlooked. Maintaining a strong and healthy balance in the spiritual and non-spiritual areas are important..


    Weekly chapel services are a time for refocusing our energy and attention on Our Lord. Please have in mind

      Students should...

    • Be reverent. In chapel it is important to observe the traditional methods of showing respect for God's house. Students should be quiet as they enter, bow for prayer, listen attentively, etc.
    • Be respectful. Our guest speakers give their time to come and share with us. Not all speakers are equally entertaining, and not all have the same style, yet all have something from God to bless us. Students should show appreciation for their efforts through respectful attention and enthusiasm.
    • Be open. This is a time to honestly re-examine our lives and be willing to experience change. We should be moving towards God, not away from Him. We are never "standing still" spiritually!

New Life Chapel

Chapel services are held in the Church auditorium. Every student must bring his or her Bible. Both male and female students must be in our "Class A" uniform all day on chapel days, including the school blazer and, for boys, the necktie.