Student Assessment

A Focus on Discipleship

As a school of excellence and Christian character, New Life Christian School seeks to enroll students of families that will support and encourage their student in our mission and philosophy. We challenge each student individually to strive toward his or her respective potential in academics, social interaction, communication, and spiritual life. Students must be teachable in all of the aforementioned areas, as we have all been created to continually learn and grow.

What is expected and required academically for student admission?

It is the desire to of New Life Christian School to match a student with the goals and mission of the school. Students need not be "geniuses" but may show the ability to succeed in the program and curriculum that the school provides. We do realize there are students who would not benefit from the type and kind of instruction our school offers. This is an important decision by both the school personnel and parents.

Upon the decision to accept a student, the following is expected of the student:

  1. Desires to be a student at NLCS
  2. Completes homework/class work that is required and is prepared for class
  3. Shows success in the academic classroom (Average or better grades
  4. Provides the right attitude for positive growth in all areas
  5. Shows positive emotional growth
  6. Shows positive spiritual growth
  7. Develops a servant's heart for assisting one another

What is expected and required of a student's character for admission?

    ". . . whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God." (I Corinthians 10:31)

    Students at New Life Christian School are expected to exhibit high standards of Christian morality and decency in appearance, actions, speech and attitude. In addition to displaying a Christ-like lifestyle, we must live in such a way as to encourage others to follow Christ. Rules are not made to imprison students but rather as guides in developing the right attitudes and behavior, those of which God and their parents approve. We are a strict school in the sense that we will follow and enforce our code of conduct . More importantly, we encourage our students to be motivated from within to become, every day, more like our Savior.

    There may be differences in each home about the interpretation of God's commands, rules, and expectations. Nevertheless, we require that all students respect and follow (and all parents agree to and support) the NLCS CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT found in the New Life Handbook.