The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD)

The National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) was founded in 1982. Educational tools for learning were developed to offer hope for learning to children who struggle to learn. The goal of the program of Educational Therapy is to equip individuals with learning disabilities to succeed academically and in life as independent learners.

NILD Educational Therapy differs from tutoring in that cognitive and perceptual weaknesses are strengthened to support independent learning. This approach is individualized and intensive mediated learning. Compensatory techniques are avoided. In addition, Educational Therapy is based on six distinctives:

  • Deficit Stimulation – strengthening learning skills
  • Non-Tutorial – learning skills, not specific content
  • Integrative – stimulating both perceptual and academic skills
  • Individual and Intense – affecting cognitive change through skilled mediation
  • Parental Involvement – providing continued stimulation at home
  • All-Age Inclusive – enhancing thinking for individuals at all stages of life


Many of NILD's techniques were developed through the work of pioneers in the field of learning disorders, such as Archie Silver, M.D. and Rosa Hagin, Ph.D. at Bellevue Medical Center in New York . IN 1973, these techniques were introduced into a school setting. NILD is currently an international organization with over 1000 active programs in 45 states and 46 countries (NILD – The Parent's Guide).


Curriculum & Testing

Educational therapy curriculum and tools have been developed by NILD to assure that all therapy students will be exposed to the same information throughout the program. These materials include:

  • Auditory Memory Training Exercises NILD
  • Listen My Children and You Shall Hear Pro-Ed
  • Listen Most Carefully NILD
  • Reading and Thinking Teachers College Press
  • The Blue Book NILD
  • Body Image Puzzles NILD
  • Morse Code (unspecified)
  • Getting the Main Idea SRA McGraw-Hill
  • Forms NILD
  • Let's Read Educator's Publishing Serv.
  • Bellwork NILD
  • Mental Math in Middle Grades Dale Seymour Publications
  • Mental Math in Junior High Dale Seymour Publications
  • Moveable Alphabet Lauri
  • Pythagoras NILD
  • Rhythmic Writing NILD
  • Square Puzzles NILD
  • HELP LinguiSystems, Inc.
  • Reading Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter Educators Publishing Serv.
  • Analogies Educators Publishing Serv.
  • Six-Way Paragraphs Jamestown Publishers
  • Timed Readings in Literature Jamestown Publishers
  • Timed Reading Jamestown Publishers
  • Solving Language Difficulties Educators Publishing Serv.
  • Spell of Words Educators Publishing Serv.
  • Spellbound Educators Publishing Serv.
  • How to Spell Educators Publishing Serv.
  • Bible (unspecified)
  • Dictionary (unspecified)

Testing materials include:

  • Ekwall Informal Reading Inventory Prentice Hall
  • Bender Visual Motor Gestalt II Test Western Psychological Serv.
  • Wepman's Auditory Discrimination Test Western Psychological Serv.
  • Goodenough-Harris Drawing Test The Psychological Corp.
  • Woodcock-Johnson – III (Tests of Achievement – A & B) Riverside Publishing Co.

Informal Tests NILD